7 essential things to follow in your skincare regime

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When was the last time you complained about your skin’s health? If your answer is today or yesterday, then keep on reading. I firmly believe that every girl is beautiful inside out. And we are all gifted with flawless skin during birth.

However, due to high pollution and irregular lifestyle habits nowadays, our skin starts to lose its glow and elasticity at a very early age. It causes several skin problems like pimples, scars, large pores, dry skin, and the list goes on.

My take on Skincare

What I have learned from abusing my skin for all these years is that you need to start early. That is the time when our skin heals the fastest. So don’t wait till you turn 30 or 40 but start following a healthy skincare regime when you are at your 20s. It is the key mantra.

There are several quick fix chemical remedies you may find in a beauty salon and clinics near you. But are they worth it? Aren’t they causing more damage than good in the long run? The treatments like botox, fillers work awesome within few days from treatment but with time, they fade away and the next round of treatments had to be followed up. This is not only a life-long process but costly as well.

Keep in mind that oily and dry skin beauties need to follow separate sets of guidelines.

  • For oily skin beauties, try to keep your skin as squeaky clean as possible and always use a light moisturizer after face wash.  Never use a comedogenic product on your face. I repeat never.
  • For dry skin beauties, always use a heavy moisturizer whenever needed as dryness deteriorates your skin further.
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Now let’s talk about an ideal skincare regime which I try to follow as much as possible. Before that, let me describe my skin type to you. I have a combination skin which gets oily during humid summers and dry during winters. So, you can understand, I experience both the extremes- there is no in-between for me. Also, my skin is acne-prone.

Healthy habits for skin

  1. The first thing to do in the morning is cleaning your face with a face wash. It is the most vital step in a skincare routine as it removes all types of impurities. So, a good face wash or a cleanser goes a long way. I am a huge fan of Cetaphil cleanser as it is very gentle and soothes your skin.
  2. I do preach about using a toner after cleansing but I have a very on-off relation with it. As per my knowledge, toner helps in balancing the pH level of your skin. So yeah, add yours in your beauty box. You can also use ice cubes wrapped in soft cotton clothes as a toner for your face.
  3. Next, comes the moisturizing. It is the part which nobody should miss. If you do miss, at least don’t make it a habit because, in long run, you will regret it. Needless to say, it hydrates your skin, keeping it plump and soft.
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  4. Face pack is another beauty chore that almost every girl is crazy about. I recommend using a good face pack minimum once a week. It imparts glow and reduces the dullness from the face. You can opt for several home DIY remedies which I will share soon.
  5. Another biggie is scrubbing. This is done to remove the dead skin layers. Our body generates and regenerates skin every month, so we need to be prepared to slough off the older layer to get a healthy skin. Again, you can use DIY remedies for scrubbing purpose as well.
  6. This one is super important, Always use sunscreen whenever leaving home. The UVA/UVB rays of the sun are very damaging to our skin. It may harm even when you are indoors with your room windows open. Take the necessary precaution every day or your skin will bound to show those pesky little age/sun spots.
  7. Every month, you can go for a facial. It is rejuvenating and the massage that you get really soothes your skin. Ask your attendee to use aloe vera gel for the massage. It does wonder.
  8. You can also take hot steam every 2 days a week. It helps to unclog the pores and hydrates the skin from within leaving it ultra clean.
  9. Last but not the least, drink lots of water (8 glasses of water) and get a good sleep for at least 7 hours. Nothing will work without the synchrony of a healthy lifestyle.

I will share my detailed skincare regime that I follow in the upcoming posts. Till then, stay tuned and take care of your skin!

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