Why you should worry about pollution?

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The term ‘Pollution’ has been used by environmentalists and climate evangelists for so long that now we are not even bothered when the word pops up. What intrigues me every time is the condition where we live in, is it even 1% healthy or are we just surviving? Does the ‘fresh air’ that we inhale in the early morning even categorize as fresh anymore?

We are abusing the environment and the mother Earth where we live in and pollution is nothing but the result of this long drawn abuse. Now the question is what is going to come if we keep on abusing the sweet place where we live. What is the tolerating limit of Earth until it gives up?

Coming to biology, pollution can be land-based, water-based, air-based or even noise-based. Pollution is not only a fancy word but it is negatively affecting people worldwide. It affects both physical and mental health.

According to Pure Earth, 200 million people are affected

Let’s face it. You may not be affected today. But do you want your children to be a victim of this wrath in future? Do you want them to suffer for some lazy pleasures of your life? No right! Then let us take an oath to reduce pollution in our own small ways from now on.

I will touch on some of the issues caused by pollution and try to show an alternative path. It’s up to you to follow.

  • Preventing Water Pollution

water pollution

Water is a gift of nature that we have taken for granted from time immemorial. Do you know only 2.5% of the total water in our Earth is fresh water,i.e. drinking water? Out of which a large percentage of water bodies are contaminated with arsenic, lead or other carcinogenic materials.

Domestic sewage causes 80% of water pollution

  • What if we take care and responsibility of not throwing our domestic garbages in the river or other water bodies? We can aware the local municipal authorities regarding the same too. 
  • We can reduce the daily water consumption by not wasting water. It is as precious as a diamond.


  • Preventing Land Pollution

land pollution

Land pollution means the erosion of soil. And one of the major contributors for this is uprooting trees and plants. As there is no root support to keep the soil grounded, it becomes weak and with time, it gets eroded by wind or water.

Soil can also become infertile because of mixing with toxic chemicals. These chemicals generally arise from decomposing plastic materials in soil.

Due to land pollution, 25 billion tons of Earth’s topsoil is lost

  • Say “NO” to plastic bags. And recycle the plastic materials properly, Separate the degradable and non-degradable materials and recycle the non-degradable ones because composting or incinerating plastics releases plenty of toxic chemicals that causes birth defects, respiratory diseases and other health depreciating diseases.
  • Plant trees whenever possible, wherever possible- at home, at work or any park. Volunteer an NGO group which focuses on planting trees and helps achieve a greener planet.


  • Preventing Air Pollution

air pollution

Air is a very vital component for living on this Earth. If there would be no air, there would be no us. Not only presence of air, but exact percentages of various components like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen etc is needed. If there is a disbalance, then it is bound to have negative impacts.

Most common reasons for such pollution are an urban lifestyle, factories etc.

Air Pollution causes 6.7% of deaths each year

  • Avail pool cars for traveling purposes. Using one car per person is misutilising the natural resources that we have. Also, 75% of the carbon monoxide emission is due to automobiles which mean that a big part of the air pollution is due to the cars. So, we should reduce the number of cars in our almost claustrophobic cities.
  • Cover your face and nose when walking across busy roads. Though you cannot avoid it, but you need to protect yourself from it.


  • Preventing Noise Pollution

noise pollution

Honking cars on roads, blaring speakers, factory noises, airplanes- all results in noise pollution.In one word, anything that creates discomfort to our ears is noise pollution.

It results in hearing loss and mental health problems. It is found that sometimes physical health also degrades due to noise.

About 15% of adults have permanent hearing loss due to noise pollution

  • The only way to avoid this type of pollution is to avoid it. Use ear muffs when going to a very noisy place.


Pollution is like a slow poison. It may not kill you today but it will eventually. Remember this is the only place we have. So start taking care of your environment.  It’s not too late yet.

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