At-Home Pedicure and Manicure Tips One can Follow easily

manicure and pedicure

In today’s world, everyone is busy with their life. Whether you are an office goer or a stay-at-home person, you always tend to neglect the temple you are in- your body! In the midst of all our work and play, we forget to take care of them. You may take care of your face regularly but your hands and feet care gets neglected most often.  And yes, we have thousands of excuses not to do so. So, pedicure and manicure can help you a lot in that cases.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Either you can go for a salon or try DIYs. But, salon appointments also clash with our busy schedules and cost a lot of money. So, I would recommend you to try in-home care. So here I bring to you- manicure and pedicure at your doorstep.

People only focus on beautifying their faces. So they take a lot of care for their faces. But they forget that their hands and feet also should look identically maintained along with their face

pedicure and manicure tools

Things you need:-

  • Liquid body soap (or any liquid soap available for manicure/pedicure)
  • Exfoliator (or any Face Scrub)
  • Nail Cutter
  • Feet scrubber
  • Nail Paint Remover
  • Nail Paint
  • Cuticle remover
  • Nail Filer
  • Body Moisturiser

Step 1

  • First, remove all your nail paints from your fingernails and toenails using a nail paint remover.
  • Wash your hands and feet with a body soap or cleanser.
  • Clean dry your hands and feet.
  • Take warm water in a bucket and pour liquid soap into it. You can also add sea salt if you want.
  • Soak your hands and feet in the bucket of warm water for 15-20 mins.

Step 2

  • After that scrub your hands and feet thoroughly. Make sure to scrub your feet thoroughly with a feet scrubber underneath your feet especially your cracked heels, as cracked heels contain all the dirt and are more likely to catch infections.  Exfoliating will take off any dead skin, pigmentation and darkness and any uneven skin tone.
  • Make sure not to over-scrub if you have thin skin, as it may cause serious damage to your skin-tissues.

Maintain yourself as it is all you have to present ‘The You’ in this material world

pedicure and manicured hands and feet

Step 3

  • After scrubbing soak your hands and feet again in the bucket for few more minutes.
  • Use a nail cutter to cut your nails in the desired shape and a nail filer to shape your nails and have a finishing touch.
  • Use the pointed spatula in the nail cutter to remove the dirt in the corner of your nails.
  • If you have any in-grown hair on your fingers you can remove them using a women’s’ razor.
  • Soak again for 5 mins. Remove the nail cuticles using a suitable cuticle remover(optional).
  • Take out your hands and feet and wipe it using a clean towel.

Step 4

  • Apply moisturizer thoroughly. Use any cream for dry skin as our feet and hands tend to be drier than our face.
  • Last but not the least, put on a nail point of your choice.

pedicure done

And, Voila! You are done.

Do this manicure and pedicure treatment every weekend to get softer glowing hands and feet. Also, wash your hands and feet in warm water and then apply moisturizer before going to bed every day. Stop making excuses and start living.

Note: – If you don’t have any exfoliator, then mix salt and sugar together in honey to exfoliate your hands and feet.

“Never hesitate to PAMPER YOURSELF.”


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