Why Working at Night Shift is Unhealthy?

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Life in an IT world is almost the same as any other field with few side effects like ‘night shift timing and a lot of junk foods’. The night shift timing means that you have to work as per the client’s clock and no wonder, you have to be awake the whole night to work and that severely takes a toll on your health. So, if you want to work in IT, you have to be ready for working in shift.

Though eating junk foods is not confined to any specific field or any specific time of the day but I included it because sometimes we are left with no choice but to have them as our companion at night. It becomes our only survival tool.

Imagine your shift starts at 10:00 PM so, around 8:40 PM you have your dinner. By 1:00 AM, you start to feel hungry and want to eat something and by that time, no food stall is opened. You will be left with no other options but Maggi or other junk foods like chips, chocolates. And this will be the case every night.

After your work shift gets over, you will have your breakfast and sleep because you were working the whole night. Also, there is no real meal called lunch as it automatically gets skipped because of the wrong sleeping cycle.

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In the evening you will wake up feeling hungry but then again, if you will have the full meal, then you may have to skip dinner and it will be a bigger issue so you are again left with no option except eating some junk foods. And the pattern goes on.

What I put forward is a generalized condition but more or less it is the same for all night shift workers. With the course of time, you will start to feel different about yourself. There may be changes physically or mentally. Gaining weight or losing weight, dark circles around the eye, hair loss are some of the common side effects of the night shift people.

So, here are a few tips and tricks which may help you to counter these effects.

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  1. Get time for a walk:

Usually, when one works at night shift, he/she do not get time for any physical activity and it affects the health adversely. So, every day, find a suitable time for at least half an hour for walking or some light physical activity to maintain your health.

  1. Plan your food intake:

Don’t have a heavy meal at one time. Instead, divide it into two parts in an interval of three hours as you have to be awake for the whole night Though in the second half of night you will again start to feel the urgent need to eat no matter what you ate previous to that, have some healthy fruits with you(example- an apple). In this way, you will make sure that you are maintaining a proper diet.

  1. Listen to Music:

Music is the best mode of relaxation. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to but, make sure you do as it will relax you and help to release stress.


I know there is nothing attractive in being at night shift but at least these tips and night shift allowance will help you deal with it effectively.

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