In today’s busy world, we all need a getaway from the chaos. It is not easy but by choosing to change small things we can achieve this for the sake of staying fit, healthy and beautiful.

Sometimes back, I myself was lost in the maze of ‘doing’ things and ignoring the essence of life. ITwo people running to stay healthy soon realized that it was stress and anxiety about the long and tiring office work. Always and still is! I am a complete workaholic but when it touches the peak, well, I need a break. In fact, I need more breaks than I want to accept. I need time to replenish my inner energy so that it can keep me healthy and stable from within. That is the real reason why I love so much to preach about health.  We only have this one life, not only to chase after our dreams and success but to take care of our body, mind, and soul as well. 

Prevention is better than Cure

I am a sheer follower of this quote. As we are gifted with robust health from childhood, why not start taking care of it. Rather than waiting for a part of our body to malfunction and then run to a doctor for advice.

 So, my earnest request to everyone is to become mindful of yourself and participate with me in a healthier lifestyle.  I will try to keep you all as much motivated as possible. YooHoo!!

Reap the Benefits when You can!

Another  point of discussion is Beauty! I believe that inner beauty is more beautiful than outer beauty and that is how it should always be. Try to find the beauty in everything and you will find yourself beautiful.

Coming back to the outer beauty, I am going to share my tried and tested beauty tips with everyone. 

Having said that, stay tuned to my blog (you can also bookmark my blog). It is going to be easy and fun to become healthy and beautiful. Super excited already!

Love, Trisha