Health Hacks that every Office-going women should know

Easy everyday health hacks for healthy life

To all the ladies out there always having a hard time to balance between office-work and own health, this health hack post is just for you! I myself am a victim of this juggle each and every single day and I can relate to your pain just the way it is. We want to be slim and fit, but all we can think of during the whole day  is ‘when will we get our promotion?’ or ‘when our boss is going to scream  at us today?’

Well, that is inevitable. But there are some tricks that I want to share with you, which worked for me a lot. I used to have a hard time focusing on my health and worried all the time about work (I still do sometimes). But these tricks have worked for me a lot.

Now a word of caution here. You should have a basic strong sense of will-power to change some habits. I am not going to lie to you that it is easy but you know what, we are Women. We can do the impossible. I have seen time and again that women achieve the impossible and these hacks are hell yeah possible. We are all different and so are our ways of working. That’s why all the 5 types of hacks may not work for all.

For some only 3 may work or for some just 1. It may so happen that all the 5 types work for you. So don’t get disappointed by the way things work out. Just enjoy the process.So, let us dive straight into the health hacks without further ado.

1. Install a weight loss app

Weight loss app- 30 day fitness challenge

Yes dear you must do this! I can guarantee you that it will benefit you in a positive way for sure. However, just installing an app won’t do the trick. You have to use it daily. 

There are two ways you can work with apps.

One is what I like to call the‘Exercise app’. Here you get lots of exercises to do in timely manner and you can set the difficulty level as well.

My favourite one is 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout (available in Play store). It has a very simple interface and works awesome. You can choose among different modes- easy, medium and hard. It also focuses on different areas. Do try it. You can use them in the morning and/or during night. Choose a plan and stick to it. There is no shortcut to success, you know. And it is absolutely free. Go for it.

30 day fitness challenge screenshot

The second type of app that I like are step counting apps. My favourite is Pedometer. It is also available in Play Store. It gives the information about how much calories you burnt while walking and also the number of steps. It’s awesome. Whenever you are walking to your office or to other places of work, just run the app and it will do the rest.  Again a free app!

pedometer screenshot

Just  a tip– While going to office, you can park your vehicle or leave your transport commute one stop behind and walk the rest to the office. It’s a great way to be physically active.

Some of you might have already tried and tested these above apps but might not like it. And it’s okay. Lets move on to the next, shall we?

2. Do some Office Exercise

office exercise

This is very interesting and I can bet you will love it too. It does not require you to run 100 miles. Best of all, it is not at all hard to follow. In this section also, you can do it in two ways or both.It has been proven that sitting on a chair for a long time is bad for health. Well, trust me, it is.

I incorporated this one small habit of getting out of the chair every 30 mins. Continually doing this eliminates the sleepiness and the lack of energy we always complain about. After getting up, you can walk or just stand still for 5 mins. You can also take a break of 5 mins. This will not only help you to be physically active but mentally as well.

If your job requires you to sit for long time , then you can try this way-  sit straight on your chair with the feet placed firmly on the ground and slowly lift one leg from the knee and stay in that position for 5 mins. Repeat on the other leg. These are not much of an exercise but definitely it will improve your overall health.

3. Cut out the obesity

junkies are your frenemy

Do you know, to become slim, it is all about “90% healthy eating and 10% exercise” that does the trick? To get rid of those unwanted fat around your tummy, you need to cut down on the carb-rich food and start eating more green and leafy vegetables.

This is by the far the hardest choice to make. The reason is very common. We don’t like eating vegetables and fruits. But we like eating carbohydrate and fat rich food, and junk foods all the time. 

Having said that, I am not against carbohydrates like rice or chapatti as they make you feel full.  My point is that you should have 50-50 proportion of rice/chapatti with vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits contains nutrients not rice or chapatti.

Also, stop eating those junkies please. They are harming you more that you can realize.

I am also not against junk food as they are tasty (come on!). My way of following this hack is to have a cheat day. Like I eat noodles or burgers or pizza or whatever I want  on every Sunday (I always look forward to Sundays for this reason). This gives me a sense of control over my life and creates a win-win situation (without eating unhealthy everyday).

4. Go the detox way

detox water- health hack

Yes! One of my favourite ways to get slim. In fact it does not take much time to prepare the detox water. If you work at office, most of the time you are in a hurry. You don’t get time to prepare an elaborate meal or drink. Well good news! You only need 5 mins every night.

Ingredients that you would need

a. Water: 2-3 litres

b. Mint leaves: 4-5 leaves

c. Ginger: a small piece will do

d. Cucumber: 7-8 slices

e. Lemon- 1-2  lemons

Put all the ingredients and water in a wide-mouthed  bottle or any other container at night before going to bed. Then, store it in a refrigerator overnight. Next morning, you can start drinking the detox water for the whole day.

It is not only refreshing but also flushes out all the toxins from your body. How cool is that! So what are you waiting for? Buy the raw ingredients now from your local store and start drinking detox water.

5. Green Superfoods

green superfood

Have you heard of Superman? 

Well, these superfoods are literally the superman of foods. I am not kidding.

This hack is my most favourite and takes the least of the time (even less than hack 4).Well, you must be wondering what are they? Do you want to know more? Then read on.

These are mostly available commercially in a powder form which has to be dissolved in water for you to drink.

Green Superfoods are a uniquely designed blend of  probiotics, nutritious vegetables and fruits, digestive enzymes and other healthy green grasses all mixed together in powdered form. It is a great drink for boosting your day with positive energy and enrich you with the daily nutritional needs. You can have this every morning and/or night.

I got quite a lot of benefits from these drinks. It made me so much more energetic than I felt earlier. Regarding the weight loss, that needs another blog post (haha!) .And best of all, it is all organic and healthy. There is no artificial chemical added to it.

That is the reason I love them. It is a very new concept in India but there are many such brands who are supplying green superfoods at a very affordable price. 

So Ladies, now that you have really easy to-do hacks which you can try easily at no time, do let me know how it fared for you. Comment down your experience on this! I will love to hear them.

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