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The most neglected part of our body is teeth. At least in India, this is the scenario.

In the ’80s and ’90s, people in India used to extract their teeth that were causing them ‘pain’. No one used to go to a dentist to actually understand the root cause of the problem. The only time they ever visited a dentist was to ‘extract’ their teeth.

It never made logic to me as teeth are just as vital to our body as our heart and brain. It helps us to chew food and also protect our delicate mouth from any physical blows.

So why be reckless with our teeth?

In his young age, my father had had his molar teeth extracted. Though it never caused any problem initially, food started sticking at the gap created by the extraction. And his adjacent teeth decayed. Well, he eventually got a scolding from his dentist.

Curiosity seeped in and I asked him about his reasons for extracting a valuable part of his body like ‘teeth’. His answer was- ” It was the norm back then. There was no other alternative.” I agree. And even if there was, it was way too expensive, even to think of.

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If I compare with today’s situation, there is more awareness but the cost is still the same. It requires thousands and thousands of bucks for all types of dental treatments- root canal, orthodontic, periodontic, tooth scaling to name a few.

Though people are more aware of the alternative solutions and treatments now, still there are cases of negligence.  At the later stages of tooth decay, people are not able to bear the heavy cost and the solution is extraction. Even in the 21st century.

I went through 2 root canal treatments and orthodontic treatment and several fillings to realize the real need to take care of your the teeth before it comes to extraction. So, today I will share with you some tips on how to take care of your oral hygiene.

I am no dentist but my dental problems have had let me do so much research on this topic that I can now be successfully called as a half- dentist. Haha!

First, Let’s discuss the four major problems and their causes.

Dental Problems and their Causes

Nonetheless, there is an ‘n’ number of reasons for these problems. And mostly, they are intrinsic. We can cure them just by changing a bit of our lifestyle.

1. Gum problem

Gum Problem can be mainly of two types- A. Receding gums as the gums start getting loose.

and B. Gingivitis which results in swollen gums, mainly caused by the bacterial infection on gums.

2. Tooth decay

This is caused by the food that remains stuck in your teeth which in turn results in tooth decay. It can be a very severe issue, if left untreated the bacterias can reach the nerves of the tooth causing sharp pain.

3.Bad breath

Again the main culprit is bacteria feeding on the leftover food on the teeth. Sometimes gut problems can also cause bad breath.


This is mainly caused by wearing of teeth enamel, which is the protective armor of the teeth. If the enamel gets eroded, the nerves get exposed causing a sharp sensation every time we drink chilled drinks. Tooth decay can also cause sensitivity issues.

All these problems come from one main reason- unhygienic lifestyle habits.

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Dental Solutions

Now, I am going to share a few tips which can be used daily and in cheap ways to take care of your teeth.

All are natural methods which include no clinic visit. But if your gum is bleeding or causing pain, I would recommend you to visit a dentist immediately.

1. Oil pulling

First and foremost, the most raved ayurvedic procedure that is doing the rounds nowadays is Oil Pulling. And it works!

It is a simple technique of swishing with either coconut or sesame oil for about 5-10mins every morning before brushing teeth. These oils attract all the bacteria, virus and all sorts of toxins that are residing on your teeth and gum. It gives you a fresh feel and also removes bad breath.

You may feel puking for the first week as it’s gross. But believe me, you will get better at it within a week. It does not cost you much but it is an effective method.

2. Mouthwash

I love mouthwashes as it instantly energizes me. You can try Listerine or other companies them. Or you can prepare mouthwash on your own. Take a quarter teaspoon of salt in warm water and swish the mixture or gargle with it every day at least for 2-3 times a day.

3. Brush & floss


I cannot stress this habit enough. Brushing twice a day not only gives you a fresh feeling but it also removes the plaque. I used to brush only in the morning. But now I realize that it was a very bad idea. You should always brush at least twice a day- once in the morning and once at night to keep your teeth healthy and white.

4. Vitamin C is good for gums

One tip you must know is that Vitamin C is very good for healthy gums It keeps them bacteria-free. And helps in tightening the weak gums. But remember not to overdo it as it may leave the teeth eroded.

I always believe that Moderation is the Key.

5. Intake of dairy products

Dairy products are rich n Vitamin D which helps to keep the teeth healthy and strong. You should have more milk which is the main supply for Vitamin D or cheese, yogurt as per your liking.

7. No tobacco & cigarettes

No smoking- darkening teeth

Say No to tobacco and cigarettes. These are the culprits to your so many tooth woes. And you don’t even know. They darken your teeth and produces bad breath. They can also cause bacterial infection on your gums and teeth.

There is a solid reason why the teeth of such people fall off early. And it is better not to ignore them because it leads to premature teeth death. There is also a high chance of diagnosing oral cancer if you continue smoking and chewing tobacco.

8. No to extraction

Never go down this path. Extraction would mean a hollow gap between two teeth and that would be very uncomfortable while chewing food and sometimes aesthetically unattractive.

The more hygienic and proper solution is- home care. Develop a healthy lifestyle at your home. And forget dentists.

9. No to Sugary Desserts and Fizzy Drinks

Sugary food and fizzy drinks contain a certain amount of acid which may decompose the calcium on the tooth surface. As a result, it may cause tooth decay and further erosion with time.

Now, I am not asking you to stop drinking and eating acidic foods. Try to limit it.

Note: Fruit juices especially oranges, papaya contain acid in good level.  So be cautious about what you have and how you have it.


There you have it! Now go, start taking care of one of the most important parts of your body- teeth.

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