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Review of Avene Triacneal cream

Today, I will review on the Triacneal cream from Avene which is a French Company. There are mixed and biased reviews all over the internet but I will share with you only what I experienced and a complete honest review. Let’s see if it worked for me or not, shall we?

ACNE- This word holds so much of pain and emotions for a girl who suffers from it.

My Acne Story

I had been one such girl. Since my school days, I would get big fat pimples on my cheeks and my forehead, especially during my final exams. Breakouts were a must back then. But, I was not such a beauty geek at that time. Who was?  Never cared a tad about my skin. It was later that I realized what a havoc acne can create.

When I joined college, I started to realize for the first time that there are acne scars and bumps on all over my face. I became very over-conscious. There was not even one single place on my face that was left untouched. Believe me, I used to look so dull and tired all the time. I was a very ignorant person at that time and never wore sunscreen during the day. Who does that, right?

Anyways, I started trying on various skincare brands for months. Name it and I have tried it but it’s effectiveness was close to null. Some brands like Neutrogena suited my skin well but after some days, it would become ineffective too. I was extremely frustrated when one day, I came across the Avene Triacneal cream on Internet.

I did a bit of research and I was quite impressed after I read the reviews. It was not at all an easy decision for me. Though I was reluctant to buy it after so many failures, yet I bought it with a hope and considering my desperate situation, I had no other option. And Oh Yes! That marked my first right decision I have ever taken in my life regarding face care products.

How it fared for me?

I like keeping my skin healthy in a natural way. But we need some extra care as we are so much exposed to the pollution and the stress. So here is where Avene Triacneal Cream comes into play for me.

Avene is a French drugstore company which deals with all types of skin care products and more.  Their main motto is to protect the natural beauty (which coincides with mine too). They are famous for their Eau de Thermale Spring Water. You can check it’s review here.


Avene Triacneal Cream is a skincare cream for severe skin imperfections and residual marks. Patented innovation regulates the influx of mediators responsible for over-reactive skin The superficial peeling effect of Glycolic Acid helps eliminate skin imperfections and has a smoothing effect on the skin surface Retinaldehyde limits new breakouts and prevents residual marks Thermal spring water, soothing, anti-irritating reduces redness common in oily, blemish-prone skin Works as a preparation cream prior to any skin procedures.

Active Ingredients

Retinaldehyde, Glycolic acid, Effectiose, Avene Thermal spring water


Avene Triacneal cream comes in a 30 ml tube pack. The tube is white in colour which I always feel very classy and sophisticated.  It is a hardy tube and you can easily carry it with yourself anywhere.


The cream is light yellowish in colour which comes out of a nozzle and has a consistency of a thick paste. The smell is more of a medicinal type but tolerant for the sensitive noses.


Rs 1399 for 30 ml tube

My Take

I apply the cream every night after cleansing my face before going to bed. I don’t like applying the cream in the morning as it contains retinaldehyde and glycolic acid. It is a very lightweight cream so you won’t feel oily or uncomfortable wearing it even in humid weather.

My skin is on the oilier side and this cream does not dry my skin out. However, the dry-skinned beauties may experience dryness after applying. You can mix it with a moisturiser and apply it.

Best of all, it is a non-comodegenic and paraben-free formula. You won’t breakout after applying it.

My skin did not feel any different the next morning. It felt normal and my little bumps were still there.

I still kept on applying as all creams and medicines take some time to work.

After a week, I saw my skin started clearing off. The bumps were subsiding and my face looked more clearer. There were still redness all over my face.

After around a month, I saw my red marks fading too. Definitely, it was not a magic potion and you have to give yourself some time. But the wait is worth it.

And, one tube goes a long way. My first tube got finished after 3-4 months of using it daily.

If my acne can get cured, then I am sure yours will be too.

On the flipside, the texture is of a thick consistency. So, it was a little bit difficult to blend on the skin.



  1. Lightweight and non-greasy texture
  2. Cleared acne bumps within 1-2 weeks.
  3. Faded to a great extent the red acne marks within a month.
  4. One tube goes a long way
  5. Easily available online
  6. Awesome effective ingredients for acne
  7. Paraben-free formula


  1. Smell is a bit medicinal.
  2. Expensive
  3. Cannot easily blend on the skin
  4. May need a moisturiser for dry skin beauties

My verdict

I would give this product a rating of 4.8/5. This small tube helped me a lot and cleared my acne when I was so desperate to get rid of them. I would definitely buy it again and again and again. It is definitely my saviour in disguise.

Just cutting out 0.2 points because of the cost.

Do share your thoughts on Avene Triacneal cream below.

Stay happy and Blessed!



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