Can Turmeric be considered as a Cancer treatment?

The traditional Indian system of holistic medicine, Ayurveda uses mainly plant-based remedies and formulations which our age old maharishis have gifted us for almost all ailments including a terminal disease like cancer. One of such gifted remedy is turmeric. Keep on reading to know more. Continue reading “Can Turmeric be considered as a Cancer treatment?”

7 essential things to follow in your skincare regime

When was the last time you complained about your skin’s health? If your answer is today or yesterday, then keep on reading. I firmly believe that every girl is beautiful inside out. And we are all gifted with flawless skin during birth.

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Why Working at Night Shift is Unhealthy?

Life in an IT world is almost the same as any other field with few side effects like ‘night shift timing and a lot of junk foods’. The night shift timing means that you have to work as per the client’s clock and no wonder, you have to be awake the whole night to work and that severely takes a toll on your health. So, if you want to work in IT, you have to be ready for working in shift.

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Why you should worry about pollution?

The term ‘Pollution’ has been used by environmentalists and climate evangelists for so long that now we are not even bothered when the word pops up. What intrigues me every time is the condition where we live in, is it even 1% healthy or are we just surviving? Does the ‘fresh air’ that we inhale in the early morning even categorize as fresh anymore?
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